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The Easiest Plant for Your Garden or Containers {EVER} | Thrifty Decor Chick

The easiest (and beautiful!) plants that even bloom throughout the winter. 

I have found (literally) the easiest plant/flower EVER. It’s inexpensive, spreads and fills in like crazy, doesn’t even need to be truly “planted”…and you can
complete ignore it and it will thrive. Yesss! 

These plants have flourished so much, I’ve added more and more to our containers and landscaping over the years. 

I found these easy garden tiles a few years ago and continue to be amazed at how well they do with little to no care. 

Oh, and they are perennials
(which means it stays alive over the winter and/or come back after) and even
look great in the colder months. I only wish I had known about them sooner.

I discovered this easy to grow plant when I installed our cafe patio lights on the
back patio: 

patio lights no trees

Our lights are industrial grade and heavy so we needed a way to secure the
planters so they would hold the weight. 

year I found this cool “garden tile sedum” and decided to try it out: 

easy to grow succulent tiles in planter

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I told you then how I used one of these sedum tiles to fill both planters. I
figured they would just last through the fall, but to my surprise they were
still looking beautiful in the middle of winter! 

I went out one snowy day and couldn’t believe these were still looking
amazing in the frigid temps with snow all over them — full of color and not
dying off one bit. I thought for sure they would eventually fade, but

They look absolutely amazing now: 

evergreen succulents in containers

Technically sedums are succulents, so it’s surprising (to me) that they are
basically evergreen (in up to zones 6 and 7!). Huh. You learn something new
every day!

That planter has more of the green and yellow blooms, but the other one has
more red and orange: 

beautiful succulent sedum tiles

They really are beautiful, right? So intricate and delicate, they are
stronger than they look! The sparse blooms in that before pic have grown
like crazy and are spilling over the edges of the planters. 

I wonder if the difference in colors is because one may get more sun than
the other?: 

easy garden tiles in planters

I later went back and got more for around our mailbox: 

easy to grow succulent garden tiles

And now that looks like this: 

sedum succulents around mailbox

They also look great in between pavers on a patio or a walkway, along plant
beds or in containers like we have in the back. 

The best part — you literally just put them on the dirt. 

No digging, no
moving dirt around. Nothing! 

Just lay them down, water occasionally the first couple of
weeks and then start ignoring them like I do. 😂 

If you have mulch, you will want to move that and set them directly onto the soil. 

I easily tore them into pieces for the patio planters, but sometimes the bottom is thicker:  

easy sedum garden tiles

I just took scissors to get it started and then I was able to tear parts

I found these sedum “tiles” again this spring, priced at $25. The only place I’ve found these particular mixed sedum tiles are at Lowe’s, but I know most plant nurseries have varieties of these:

sedum succulent tiles

I placed these in an umbrella stand/planter just a week ago, and they’re doing amazing: 

outdoor umbrella plant stand

I used one “tile” to fill two of these planters. 

I love gardening and I’ve never found anything this easy to plant,
that grows so easily and looks so good. Oh, and the price is GREAT because
you need very little to get a spot started. Within weeks it will spread and fill in nicely. 

Since these tiles with all of the different succulents mixed together sell out of the stores so quick, I purchased some sedum for our front beds last year that were just the one specific species instead of the mixed. 

These have spread beautifully as well: 

yellow orange sedum landscaping

I will say, I prefer the tiles that have all of the different color and varied succulents. But I love them all! 

These may even work for window boxes as well! I’m a little obsessed.
Have you tried these easy plants? So easy and they look so good! Was anyone
else surprised these are evergreen? 

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