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Incredible Gochujang Sauce Recipe – Pinch of Yum

In My Gochujang Sauce Era.

Okay, wow. I am absolutely hooked on this delightful, creamy, silky, incredible gochujang sauce.

It is silky and slightly creamy, spicy, garlicky (!!), and a little tangy and salty from the soy sauce and rice vinegar. I literally just whispered “oof” outloud as I am reliving it in my mind. It’s so good.

So first, an explainer: gochujang is a red chile paste that has its roots in Korean cooking! Gochujang can be bought as a paste (spicier and more concentrated) or as more of a table sauce (usually a bit sweeter and less spicy).

This gochujang sauce is a dipping sauce / dressing that you make from store-bought gochujang sauce. You then a) fall in love with it, and b) put it on salads, rice bowls, and all manner of everything. Does it make sense? It makes a lot of sense to my tastebuds.

A bowl with rice, salmon, cucumber, and gochujang sauce.

It has very quickly earned a top spot in my list of Favorite Sauces of 2024, and it takes all of five minutes to make. WHEEE! Things I have used this sauce on:

It’s just the sauce of my life these days. Initially I just tucked it into the notes of the air fryer chicken post, because I thought – it won’t need its own blog post because I mostly will only use it for this? which was very delusional. Because then I started putting it on everything. And I realized it needs its own home here on POY.

Welcome home, you incredible little gochujang sauce! This is where you live now. ♡

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